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If someone in your life needs support – whether due to young age or mental incapacity – the law allows you to seek guardianship, granting you the right to make certain decisions on that person’s behalf. The person receiving support – called the ward – can benefit from your parent-like support.

Situations in which someone may seek guardianship include:

  • An adult cannot care for themselves
  • A parent is unable to care for a minor child
  • Both parents of a minor child are deceased

If you are seeking guardianship over someone in your life, keep in mind that the process can be arduous and difficult. It is always wise to have a skilled and trusted Las Vegas guardianship attorney on your side. The Law Office of Sean D. Lyttle can guide you through every step of the application process and help you make informed decisions about guardianship.

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Understanding Guardianship in Nevada

Every state has slightly different laws regarding who can become a guardian and what a guardian’s rights are in regard to his/her ward.

In Nevada, there are three types of guardians:

  • Guardians over the person: When the guardian makes decisions for the ward regarding healthcare, education, etc.
  • Guardians over the estate: When the guardian makes decisions regarding the ward’s finances
  • Guardians over the person and estate: When the guardian has both responsibilities (personal and financial decisions)

This means that responsibilities can be shared by two people or held by one person.

Keep in mind that guardians have certain limitations – their rights are not quite as broad as those of a parent.

Unless they have court approval, guardians cannot:

  • Move the ward out of the state
  • Spend their ward’s money (they can, however, have a monthly budget approved by the court)
  • Sell the ward’s home or other real estate
  • Make or change the ward’s last will and testament
  • Terminate the guardianship (unless the ward has passed away, regained mental capacity, or turned 18, in the case of a minor child)

Adult Guardianships

When people think of guardianship, they most likely think of guardians over children – but adults can have guardians, too. Whether due to injury, illness, or age, any kind of disability or mental incapacity that prevents an adult from making decisions for themselves is grounds for a guardianship.

If someone in your life can no longer care for themselves properly, you can request to become their legal guardian in order to help them with day-to-day responsibilities.

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Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, our team is here to help you seek guardianship. We understand the process can be difficult, so we stand by your side from start to finish. Our Las Vegas guardianship lawyer is available 24/7 to provide the support you need.

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